Campfire WoodI have dry fir firewood available by the box or  pickup load. Either split into smaller pieces, great for small stoves. Or larger pieces. Or buy even larger pieces, save some money and split it yourself, plus get some great exercise.

Small pieces: $100 per 1/3cord

Medium pieces $90 per 1/3 cord

Big Pieces: $70 per 1.3 cord

I have campfire wood available that comes in a nice hand made redwood box. The photo shows redwood firewood, but I do have fir. The firewood and the wood for the box all comes from our private sustainable managed forest between Eureka and Arcata in Humboldt County, California. Pick some up on your way to Patrick’s Point, Humboldt State Redwoods Campground, or wherever you may be camping. Great for backyard firepits too.

These boxes are $15 each, and have about twice as much wood as the bundles you would get in the stores and campgrounds. Plus you are getting a nice box made from local sustainable materials, instead of plastic wrap that you have to throw away. You can bring the box back for a refill for $5. Larger amounts available too if you want to fill up your pickup or trunk. Contact